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SONS UK Club Fruit Machine

0.99 usd

========================Pad Version - Fully unrestricted - No AdvertsFully customisable Cost per play and Payout percentages========================Play the game as Ernie, a small time police informer out to make himself a few quid.
Play the reels to gain yourself cash rewards, which can then be gambled Higher or Lower on the outcome of a dice roll.
Collect 3 Squeal or no Squeal icons to access the Feature Board, or maybe even 4 to gain access to the Super Feature Board.
=======================Complete all of the Achievements to be allowed a free upgrade from the “Free” to the “Free Upgraded” version of the game. This has the functionalities normally reserved for the paid version of the game. Allowing you to tailor the machine to your liking by adjusting the payout percentage and the stake per play.=======================------------------------------
Feature Board===========
Move Ernie around the Feature board, collecting as much loot as possible. But don’t get too greedy as Mr Big or one of the other underground scum will bust him up.
Ernie can collect Bent Coppers as he goes. Should he have 4 Bent Coppers in his back pocket he will be granted access to the Super Feature Board. Where he can go on to win anything up to and including the £500 Jackpot.
When moving around the board don’t get too greedy as you may live to regret getting involved in a Dodgy deals, where you can make a nice few quid, but equally lose it all.
Don't get caught in the cross hair when caught up in a Drive-by situation.
Don't get on Mr Big’s radar in a bad way as he will bury you. You have been warned.
As he moves around the board Ernie can also consider swapping his loot haul for one of the many features on offer from Mystery Money.
Push Your LuckHow far dare you go?
Cut & Run Grab whatever loot you can, before time runs out
Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Collect best nudge & reel combination
CAsh Shoot Out Shoot targets to collect as much cash as possible
Truck Full O’ CAshCollect the truck with the largest loot haul inside
CAsh Calculator Collect the best combination shown
Super Feature Board===========
Here you can again move around the board collecting loot as you go... In this case Lots of loot.
Whilst moving around the Super Board you can hit the “Add Intel” squares. Each time you hit one, your arsenal of Intel will be increased, and it will be re-valued. At that point you then have a decision to make Squeal or No Squeal?
If you Squeal you sell the Intel for its face value. If you No Squeal you carry on to try and collect even more. You can only sell your Intel when you hit an Add Intel square. So don’t get too greedy as you never know if this Add Intel will be your last?
Keep going as long as you dare, but don't get ambushed. If ambushed you will lose your Intel stash and only be allowed to escape with part of your collected loot.